Shearing is Finished

The last of the sheep have been sheared.  We cut these three of from the flock, and moved them to the shearing area inside a triangle made with 3 ranch panels. Yes we moved the 3 panel pen with them in it. We call it the flying wedge. It has been handy for moving smaller groups (up to 14), where some are not used to a halter.


They each took their turns being sheared, and were returned to the moveable pen. Two of our volunteer shepherds are shearers, and they have been splitting the shearing responsibilities. There are some unique situations and solutions when caring for sheep in an industrial site. like using a 400lb steel sawhorse.


And when the shearing was done, we moved them back to the flock.


Can you tell which volunteer shepherd works with them the most?

Sheepy Progress

Sheep, and other grazing animals help to create new pastures.  As Allan Savory’s work has shown, they are also essential to maintaining healthy grasslands and savannas. The RescEwe sheep are no different. This picture is of them 8 weeks ago, when they started mowing down the kochia stands. As you can see the kochia is more than twice their height.

grazing kochia

We spread the seeds of mixed pasture grass, chicory, chard, daikon radish, three different legumes, and a couple types of wildflowers as they worked. They tilled the seed into the soil before they moved on to the next patch. Eight weeks later, this is what the area they mowed looks like.

newly pasture

They are almost done with the kochia. Before the weather gets too cold, and the grass dies back, they should get a chance feast on the fruits of their labors.