A Second Walk in the Park

Smith and Tolkien Spent another Saturday morning in a local park. This time it was Luby Park in Caldwell. There were fewer dogs in the park, but more people. It only took about 15 minutes for the first person to come up and want to pet the sheep.

Throughout the morning, every time anyone wanted to pet the sheep a shepherd gave them pointers on how to approach the sheep. The shepherds also told how to and how not to pet or scratch sheep.

As you can see, the boys were a whole lot more relaxed, and were not huddling together for security like last week. They also spent some time looking for goodies in the lawn. They were doing their part to clean up the park and improve the lawns.

Cleaning up the cottonwood leaves.

Yumm, Kochia! This surely does not need to be in the lawn.

In the picture above, you can see the new bells Tolkien and Smith are sporting. We were not sure how they were going to react to the bells, they did not seem to even notice that they were there. It is hard to find a place to attach the bells to the harnesses, but we are going to keep trying different attachment points till we find the best way to do this.

Tolkien getting some attention from a shepherd. Like I said, they were a lot more relaxed. We even had a quinceanera party of about 30 come through. Tolkien and Smith did really well with the young ladies and gentlemen. Several got a chance to interact with our boys. We found out that Tolkien likes the girls, and was more than willing to have them pet him. Smith pretty much liked anybody that would give him scratches, but was a bit more shy.

Tolkien posing.

Poop was scooped.

And back home to the Caldwell pasture. Around the world, shepherds complain that it is hard to get good pictures of sheep because they turn their butts to you. This shepherd has been spending too much time with the sheep, and is picking up their bad habits.

Next park, Memorial park in Caldwell. less than two weeks before Pet Extravaganza 2019.