Your Invitation to the Next Board Meeting

The next RescEwe board meeting has been set for 10:00 am Saturday December 26th at Jolts and Juice Coffee in Caldwell. This is an open board meeting, and the public is always welcome to attend. We welcome your input. Even if you have no input, just come on out, and enjoy some coffee with us.

If you feel you want to up your involvement with RescEwe, and perform a valuable service at the same time, you can volunteer for the Advisory Board. This meeting is your best opportunity to set things in motion. An important point we need to make, is that our board members do not have to be located in the Treasure Valley area. Our board members have, and still live in different states, not just Idaho. We understood from the beginning that a diverse knowledge and skill set will make our boards more effective. As such, most all board work happens online with no need for face time for those outside the area. This also means that the board members can fulfill their duties pretty much on their own schedule. It just requires a commitment to participate.

We will still be using Discord to connect to our remote attendees. If you do not already have access to the Discord server, contact us to let us know and we will set you up with access . Due to the Covid, we may have to have a totally online meeting this year, but it is looking unlikely at this time. We have an alternate location under consideration in Homedale if Canyon County tightens their restrictions.

We look forward to hearing from, or seeing you there.

To find Jolts and Juice on google maps

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