Back in Caldwell Again

Since time began, sheep have been nomadic, and followed the grass. The RescEwe sheep are no different. They have a mailing address, and a office, but no real place to call their own. The time to graze in Parma is over, and a new season means a new job location.

Our thanks to the volunteers who made the day a fun and joyous occasion. They say many hands make light work, but light spirits make for joyous work. Even though there was a lot of meeting new sheep, and fellowship along the way, the whole move took less time this year.

Looking at the alfalfa field, the untrained eye would not think that there is much for sheep to eat here, but annual grasses and mustards had already started to come up. Over the last week on the field, hay consumption had almost fallen by half from a month ago. Too bad the alfalfa is just starting to come out of its dormancy too.

The alfalfa field the day of the move

The Caldwell pasture however has a lot of annual grass growing. The chard and chicory are only just starting to get some green.

So, the season changes, and so do the daily routines. Feeding and fence moving still happens twice a day, but we have a hose for filling water buckets. Watering the pasture will start soon, and we are already getting visits from the local workers who are glad to see the sheep again.

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