Preparing for the storm

Yesterday,we had a winter storm warning for 5:00 pm. The forecast called for high winds, rain, freezing rain, and snow. We were already seeing the wind, but it was just going to get worse as the day progressed. Typically we get two types of snow. When it comes out of the north, It falls straight down. However, the forecast called for the winds to be coming out of the south southwest. When the snow comes from that direction we end up with drifts, sometimes as much as three feet (1m) deep.

So we had to prepare for the worst. The usual light shelter does well in most conditions year round. Sun, rain or even some snow. However, with the forecast being what it was, we needed to put together a bit more

The picture above is of the shelter when we started. the wind was 12 mph (19kph). We added a snow fence / wind break, and tightened up the cover. By the time we finished, the temperature was just above freezing, the winds were 20mph (32kph) sustained, with 28mph (45kph) gusts. It was only going to get worse.

This morning, we had about 1.5 inches (4cm) of snow on the ground.

The snow fence / wind break did it’s job.

The sheep were dry, under the shelter was dry, and everybody was in great spirit… Time for breakfast.

I know most shepherds agree that they love working with the sheep. Seriously, if we did not love it, why would we be out here, hauling water, feeding hay, and giving out pets, and scratches, in high winds and freezing temps. One of the additional perks is that we are outside watching the star filled sky at night, and vistas during the day.

More snow and wind forecast for tonight. One never really knows how much, but we are ready.

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