Cabin Fever? We are here for you

Now that the governor has shut down non-essential services in the state, many people are unable to get out of the house. Parks are shut down. Gyms are shut down, Malls are shut down. Even fishing is shut down.

However, animal welfare is exempt.

At RescEwe we are practicing social distancing, and safe practices, but sheep still need food, water, shearing, and all the other shepherding that needs to get done. Time waits for no virus.

Our first purpose is to serve the needs of sheep, but not as well known is our second purpose, which is to educate the public in better shepherding practices. This is not just a shepherd lecturing, this most often includes dirty hand on experiences in actual shepherding. If you want to know about shearing, come out and help shear.

If you need to get out of the house, come down, pull up a bucket, and watch the sheep. Pack a picnic lunch and sit down in the pasture if you want. Many people find it very relaxing to just watch sheep being sheep. This could be the best therapy in these uncertain times.

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