One Amazing Donation of Hay

We have been waiting to make this announcement until we were able to show you what this donation looks like, and how big of a donation it really is. The folks over at Sage Woolens gave us a donation for hay, and it will cover over half of our winter hay needs.  Just to put it into perspective, this is what more than half our winter’s hay looks like.

I know, that’s a lot of hay. Just be thankful you were not the one loading and stacking it. We are thankful to be blessed with this donation.

The hay is an excellent quality, second cutting, grass hay with about 10-20% red clover. Last year it did the sheep very well, and the grower once again gave us a good price for buying in bulk.

Sage Woolens has been a great benefactor to us, and has done a lot to spread the word about what we are doing at RescEwe. As far as we are concerned, this donation is simply the icing on a really excellent cake.


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