Shearing Season is Officially Over

I think this is the earliest we have ever been finished with shearing. The volunteers were on top of their game this year, and the weather although not always the best, did not stop us. Of course, Zsuzsanna’s stew was a highlight.

Next phase, pasture improvement, and washing fleece…

Five Icelandic Ewes to be Sheared on Saturday

For those that are fans of the Icelandic sheep and fleeces, we will be shearing Icelandic ewes on Saturday May 11th. This is looking like the last of the shearing for this year. So, If you miss this, You will have to wait till next year to experience the joys of shearing.

As always come on out to help or just cheer us on.

Shearing Flock Two on Saturday

Four Karakuls and a Southdown are on deck for shearing. And they are more than ready to lose these fleeces.

Come on out and see the sheep, check out the newest fleeces, help shear, or cheer us on. We are starting at 9:00am on Saturday, May fourth at the Caldwell pasture. Use the gate at the north end of the shop.