Our Benefactors

We like to recognize our benefactors,and give them credit for what they contribute to our cause.

Sage Woolens

Sage Woolens has been a great contributor to our mission at RescEwe. Bringing an awareness to of our existence and mission to the general public. They have been a major force, helping to fund our ongoing needs and projects.

Swan Falls Technology

Swan Falls Technology gave Wool of Love a logo that tells the world what RescEwe is all about, love. Their principals and employees have helped to socialize the new sheep.  Bringing them treats,  and spending part of their lunch times in what they have come to call the “Petting Zoo.” They have also supplied RescEwe with tech gear, computers, and invaluable advise on all things tech. Thank you Swan Falls Technology



The Fantasy Farm

What can we say, without the Fantasy Farm, we would not be able to have sheep. They have supplied hay, fencing, portable shelters, water buckets, mineral feeders and a score of other little thing that go into the daily care of sheep. Thank you Fantasy Farm


Pamela Perry

Pamela is the creator of the official image of RescEwe, our logo.  Pamela was a joy to work with, and was very generous with both her time, and talent. I think our logo is a great representation of all that RescEwe is trying to achieve, a life of love and joy. Anybody who has seen sheep dance will recognize what we saw in this image. Thank you Pamela Perry




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