All of our positions  and all the work we do at RescEwe is volunteer. Everybody here, does what they do at RescEwe because of their love of sheep. We offer the opportunity to volunteer to the interested public as a way to enrich themselves through education, and the pleasure they receive doing good for sheep. Volunteers run the full range of participation, from a couple hours helping out on a field day, to officer of the board of directors. We are a training ground for shepherds, and all aspects of the management of a nonprofit.

Shepherds and project volunteers are an important part of fulfilling our mission. The shepherds are the backbone of our organization, they take on small flocks and are responsible for the day to day care of their flock. The project volunteers are the support that keep the shepherds going. They help with all the major events that a flock requires like; moving, shearing & hoof maintenance, and much more. The project volunteers also help with the fleece processing too.

We enjoy the work we do here, and we want you to enjoy your experience volunteering with us as well. No doubt, the work can be a bit hard at times, but we try to have fun while doing it. Part of the enjoyment is spending time, and working with other sheep people.

Most of us who volunteer are empathetic. If you decide to volunteer, be aware that some volunteers may be confronted with injuries, or the aftermath of depravity that sheep are occasionally subject to. We understand that you may not want to work directly with those special cases. That is alright, not everybody should, and thankfully those cases are very rare. We have many, many, other areas that we need volunteers.

All of our volunteers do what they can, as they can. Many have full time jobs, families, and other responsibilities that come first. We respect that. If you can help for four hours, one day a week, or everyday. We are grateful for the help.

If you can loudly and proudly declare that you love sheep, then think about joining us in our work.

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