How do I Adopt a Sheep

So you are thinking of adopting a sheep…

Rescewe has a four step process for adoption:

  1. Volunteer
    If you are new to shepherding, this is your opportunity to learn the basics, and so much more about the care of sheep. If you already are a shepherd, this gives you the opportunity to teach others, show off your skill, and learn RescEwe’s methods. This is also a time to work with different sheep, and find the ones that you like. Some at this point, find that sheep may be a bit more than they want to tackle. That is good, and best to know before one brings sheep home.
  2. Apply
    If you find sheep you want to give a forever home to, this is the time to apply for adoption. Having volunteered, you will have the abilities, and knowledge to be a good shepherd. You will now need to show that you have facilities, support, and a plan for care in place before proceeding to the next step, fostering. As with all the steps, we are here to help.
  3. Foster
    Fostering gives you a chance to actually care for the sheep you have chosen on a one to one basis, and continue the bonding process. If it is not working out, this is the time to find out. Sheep instinctively know that they need a shepherd, and their quality of life depends on that shepherd. We are looking for forever homes for our sheep, and we want all parties to be sure that they are part of a good match.
  4. Adopt
    This is you giving a safe and secure home to a friend. Even after adoption, it is still a team effort. RescEwe stands with our shepherds and sheep, because once a member of the RescEwe flock, always a member of the RescEwe flock. We are here to be a resource for you to use even after adoption.

The important things are few and simple; A secure place to live, Good food, graze, water, and minerals, a friend or two to hang out with, and a good shepherd that loves them. Very little else is important. A secure place could be anything from a secure pasture with a shed for protection from the weather, to a backyard, and a pet bed in the house.  A good shepherd can be any person that has a real desire to care for sheep. You probably have a lot more questions about the requirements for adopting, and we can answer all of them. Just contact us, we enjoy talking with people who love sheep. 

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