$1.59 Treat Pumpkin

Do you know that most sheep love squash? Well they do. Four days after Halloween, this pumpkin was found out front of the hardware store. They had marked the pumpkins down to $1.59 each. I could not resist. treat pumpkin

Most of the Recsewe sheep are unfamiliar with many forms of healthy treats (like pumpkin), and are learning what is good, and what is not. Over the summer they have learned that apricots are yummy. Celery and Brussels sprouts have been well received. Oddly, most are still unsure about apples.

B_treats 4 sheep

Over the Summer, volunteers and supporters have been giving the sheep treats. As the sheep are nearing the end of their stay in Caldwell. We have put up pumpkins and acorn squash for the winter months. When they move to the winter digs, the squash will break the monotony of hay. Besides, I doubt the volunteers and supporters will stop bringing them treats

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