The Fencing Continues, We’re Almost Done

Today we made a lot of progress. Honestly, the beginning of the week was a bit disappointing. At least from a fencing standpoint. We had to get the irrigation set up and running. So, not much got done.

However, Today we had some real help. Two of the missionaries came out, and as always, were a great help. The sisters made up the parts we need to hang the fence panel. This let the men focus on the post pounding, and boy did they have a job this run.

Most all the posts were driven into rock road bed. More than one had to have holes dug out, there was just no way to pound the posts through the rocks.

When we quit for the day, we only had five panels to hang on the north fence. Next weekend, the fence should be finished, and the sheep can be moved in. The final touches will be drinking water, and hot lines for the moveable fences.

While the fence building was going on, a couple people came out just to watch the sheep. On their way out, one stopped and said she had a good time once again, and they might be back during the week. Never underestimate the power of sheep to soothe the soul.

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